Are you getting the most bang for your buck from arguably your most important marketing tool, your website?

Do you know who your primary audience is, and what it is they’re looking for – and just as importantly, are you giving it to them?

Whether you’re looking for an overview of general principles and best practices for websites in general, and Audiobook Narrator websites specifically, or want some one-on-one guidance and someone to just tell you how to fix and optimize your darned website already – I’ve got you covered!

I have two options available:

VIDEO WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD: This is a video overview of the general principles of a “good” Audiobook Narrator website. I discuss knowing who your audience is and what they want, show some examples of exceptionally well done Audiobook Narrator websites, and review a few that could use some tweaks!

NARRATOR WEBSITE REVIEW: Live Coaching – A targeted UX Heuristic Evaluation of your Audiobook Narrator Website. Make sure your most important marketing tool is reaching the right people and providing them with what they need!