This is a process that blends a traditional acting method with the psychology of personality that will help narrators who want to improve their character building skills to better understand the nuances of their characters and “get into their headspace” for more authentic-feeling acting – while also learning to quickly jump in and out of multiple characters seamlessly, without losing any of that authenticity!

We’ll start off with learning how to immediately understand and make characters “real” – even with a minimal amount of information. Then we’ll branch out into the relationships between the characters, and learn a method to uncover the subtext of any scene.

You will learn a character development formula that I’ve developed after years of acting classes, narration coaching and training, and through well over a hundred audiobooks – with some insight from my years of experience as a clinical therapist and advanced graduate degrees in psychology thrown in (the secret sauce!) to make this immediately relevant and useful to YOU – the audiobook narrator!

I have four options available:

ASYNCHRONOUS COACHING: Whether it’s help with a scene, a character, or maybe a demo review – when you want coaching, but don’t want the hassle of trying to coordinate schedules, this is the option for you.

VIDEO WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD: This is a video overview of the FOSTERINGCHARACTERStm process, including ust over two hours of content covering the three main aspects of FOSTERINGCHARACTERStmRole Exploration, The Solid Gold Brick Secret Question, and the Narrator’s Repetition Exercise. Includes video footage of each exercise with actual students. Learn at your own pace with this mp4 download – includes pdf handout.

LIVE COACHING PACKAGE: Live Coaching – we’ll work one-on-one over four video conferencing sessions, covering every aspect of the FOSTERINGCHARACTERStm process.

SINGLE SESSION: Live Coaching – while the Live Coaching is four sessions long, some students prefer to pay one session at a time.