Whaddaya Wanna Know?

When do you schedule your sessions?

I schedule sessions for Monday through Friday, starting at 8pm – I only do one session a day.

I wish I could be more flexible, but I’m a working narrator, too.

Okay, what does it cost?

The grand total is $400 – paid upfront, either in-full, or $100 per session.

“Refresher” or one-off sessions for help with tricky characters are available at $75, after you’ve already gone through the full three initial sessions.

Do I need to book four sessions?

Initially yes (though you don’t have to book them all at once!

Right now I’m offering two options:

  1. Four 60 minute sessions over four days (one per week),
  2. And then, for folks who’ve already worked with me at least once, and want a “refresher” session – or maybe just a session or two to get some help fleshing out some difficult characters, I’m happy to oblige!

Will this help me with character ``voices``?

It really probably won’t, at least not intentionally. This process is more about helping narrators understand who their characters are and what makes them tick – and then convey that to the listener through their performance.

If you’re looking for really great instruction on developing character voices, you can’t do much better than Patrick Fraley’s comprehensive programs, though!

What About Non-Fiction?

Non-fiction titles are awesome – I LOVE them – and while my method will likely help you “get in the head” of a non-fiction author and improve your performance, if you really want to get good at non-fiction, you’ll do what I did: sign up for Sean Pratt Presents, with Sean Allen Pratt. He has an entire amazing curriculum that takes you from point A to Z when it comes to doing award-worthy non-fiction narration!

I actually have more of a business-related question...

Well then, you’re in luck!

I mean, not with me – but the incredibly talented and prolific narrator, Jeffrey Kafer has launched a consulting service just for you! It’s Audiobook Mentor business consulting, and it’s all about answering those nagging questions you have that folks who’ve been doing this for years just seem to know, but for the life of you you can’t find written down anywhere!

So, do you narrate as well?

I do! You can read more about me and hear samples of my work over at my narrator site, jamesnarrates.com – thanks for asking!