So what’s really involved here? How much time will it take?

The “standard” approach is to sign up for four sessions, one hour each – spread over four weeks. The idea is to give you enough time to absorb and play around with the ideas and method, this is how you make it yours. Having a week in between each session also allows you enough time to complete your assigned homework.

What’s it cost?

$400 – four sessions at $100 each

Then what?

You’ll be able to download the FOSTERING CHARACTERS WORKBOOK – it has sections for you to fill out and send back so that once your first session starts, we can get right into it!

What if I’ve already been through the four sessions with you?

For folks who’ve already worked with me at least once, and want a “refresher” session – or maybe just a session or two to get some help fleshing out some difficult characters, I’m happy to oblige!

Since we will have already covered the basics and can just “dive right in,” these follow-up sessions are only $75