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Audiobook narrators who want to:

  • Get inside the heads of your characters
  • Deliver authentic performances every time
  • Quickly and easily switch back and forth between characters
  • Understand your character relationships, and the sub-text of each scene

You will learn character development formula that I’ve developed after years of acting classes, narration coaching and training, and through well over two hundred audiobooks – with some insight from my years of experience as a clinical therapist and advanced graduate degrees in psychology thrown in (the secret sauce!) to make this immediately relevant and useful to YOU – the audiobook narrator!


Are you getting the most bang for your buck from arguably your most important marketing tool, your website?

Do you know who your primary audience is, and what it is they’re looking for – and just as importantly, are you giving it to them?

Whether you’re looking for an overview of general principles and best practices for websites in general, and Audiobook Narrator websites specifically, or want some one-on-one guidance and someone to just tell you how to fix and optimize your darned website already – I’ve got you covered!


I’ve won or been awarded every major award in the audiobook industry. I’ve narrated hundreds of audiobooks for a variety of publishers, across nearly all genres – both fiction and non.

I also have advanced graduate degrees in psychology and have worked for over a decade as a Clinical Psychologist and successful professional User Experience and Human Factors consultant for corporations in various industries.